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What is Stone Ground flour?

Stone Ground flour is milled using two stones rather than steel rollers which commercial mills use.  Stone grinding is not as efficient as roller mills and sifting is more difficult, because much of the germ and bran is ground and blended within the flour.  That is why the flavor and nutrition is so much better than commercial flour.  

What is the shelf life of Stone Ground flour?

We recommend 3-6 months of shelf life.  However, how the flour is stored can greatly affect this number.  If you wish to store it longer, refrigerating is very effective.  Fresh is always best, but cool, dry storage should give you the best results.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, we sell in bulk.  We have a few options for those who want larger quantities or to refill their pails regularly.  We have 10kg pails or 20kg pails available.  Please contact us directly for options and availability.  

Do you spray your crops?

We do spray our crops in the early stages of growth to control weeds before the ground is covered.  We do not spray our crops beyond this point and do not desiccate when the seed is formed.  It is our goal to continue to reduce the usage of chemicals and return to a regenerative way of farming.

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